Social Media as a Portal to Business Success

Remember the good old days? We would order a burger and fries with a diet coke although we didn’t like Betsy the waitress’s attitude, so we’d ask for a service card and stick it in the big box of shame? Reflecting on the little card of criticism, not only is ‘Big Ben’ of Big Ben’s Beefin Burgers able to address Betsy’s dull attitude, he improves his overall staff quality and finds himself parading on the streets of what we call ‘Customer Experience‘ (CX).

The digital economy has evolved tremendously since suggestion boxes. CX reporting has become a trend. It offers us the ability to meet customer needs through the treasure chests of information on social media platforms.

1. Increased Web Traffic

Generating quality written content on your webpage, and sharing on social platforms is a proven method in driving visitors to your site. Creating compelling headlines, videos and quality images all increase the chance of a page visit. As a user engages and shares your content, your site traffic instantly increases. These blogging techniques are a cornerstone in accelerating page visits.

Take advantage of inserting a site URL in social media page bios and comment sections. This will often be the first thing a consumer encounters on your page.

Strategically designed Call-to-Action (CTA) cards are another cost-effective method in fueling visitor count. Along with a catchy headline, these posts display a direct link to your website. Color, creativity and alluring content all make up a successful CTA.

2. Real-Time Advertising

Special offers, new products, expansions, or job vacancies can be delivered in seconds, to a mass audience, through multiple platforms. We are able to reach local and international audiences with the touch of a screen. Optimizing these channels for direct advertising, enable us to perform social targeting and create urgency of products and services.

Corporations like Facebook, Youtube and Google Ads, create a bridge between brand and prospect, by targeting markets that have previously shown interest in the service you offer. By identifying target audiences and aligning content style, a brand can increase its chances of higher ad engagements through likes, shares, and comments. How’s that for an eagles eye view!

3. Sustained Customer Loyalty

Maintaining constant contact with consumers is a sure path in securing long-term loyalty. Social media presence offers the opportunity to humanize and add personality to your brand. We are painting the illusion of personal interaction through a PC screen and in turn, reaping the fruits of time & cost efficiency.

Responsiveness is key in retaining online customers & appealing to prospects. Paradigm shifts in consumer demands dictate the need for real-time reaction. Direct messaging allows personal interaction with your business, it serves as a doorway to one-on-one sales persuasion and an opportunity to quickly address queries and present quality customer service.

4. Elevate Search Engine Rankings

Recent studies indicate that search engines such as Google and Bing, take social presence into account when determining rankings. High user engagements and strategic use of keywords in social posts both help in boosting search engine rankings. Online word of mouth can increase your brand popularity and this is rewarded with high-ranking search positions.

Well-calculated content captions are an effective strategy for increasing social shares. Phrases that prompt an audience to take action, work as easy as it sounds. “Share this if you agree” or “Retweet, to enlighten your viewer’s minds on…”, are two effective titles that produce massive results!

5. Reports and Analytics

Often enough, seeing is believing. What better way to identify cracks in marketing efforts than through detailed analytical reports.

Most social channels offer analytics capabilities to business users. This data allows a brand to magnify areas for improvement and identify success points. Social media management platforms such as Hootsuite and Buffer offer integrated analytics features that show engagement rates and high- performing posts. These reports offer great insight into consumer preference and current trends which allow companies to align their marketing strategies accordingly.

Wrap Up

Social Media networks are gateways into the minds of consumers. We create culture, value, communication and relationships through online presence. Optimizing these platforms serve as a virtual brand portfolio.

Those are all the credentials you need to generate authenticity and increase business awareness.Grasping the opportunity to communicate with consumers in real-time is rewarded with a significant return on investment. Don’t pass up the chance to be Social.

Nikita Govender

Nikita Govender is a social media marketing mogul/entrepreneur who specializes in the creation of innovative and modernistic forms of communication. Highlighting technological contributions to modern day marketing tactics is a major spotlight in her field of expertise. Her brand identity is easily distinguishable through a unique and zesty narrative style.
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