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Who we are, and what makes us special

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Who Are We?

Kerokita Marketing is an online Social Media Marketing service that originated in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our modernistic outlook on marketing through social platforms, has fueled our enthusiasm for assisting businesses in presenting an unparalleled image. We appeal to clients who are in search of affordable & quality advertising. Our well-established mastery stems from years of research & study in traditional, modern, global & digital forms of communication.

Our Intention...

Just as the single red rose lay fruitful amid the greyscale of everyday encounters; Kerokita Marketing exceeds the boundaries that confine the color, zest & creativity of the communications space. Our mission is to accentuate brand identity through the spotlight that is Social Media. As the digital economy evolves, so do our methods. Our cutting-edge analytics tools enable us to personalize & present an image that resonates with our client’s intended message. Commitment transforms our promise into your reality. So what are you waiting for? 

Strategically Shaping Social

"It is a truly incredible experience for me. Being able to assist businesses in reaching their full potential through online presence is an invigorating process. I've always aspired to uplift others with my unique methods and I've discovered an exciting pathway in achieving this!"
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Nikita Govender
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